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The Parent Education section has been developed to provide support to CNG families in strengthening their parenting skills. The resources and information currently available are: 

  • Community Resources for Anti-Racism, a recently developed document that provides CNG families with books and additional resources on this important issue.

  • Additional Resources from relevant sources.

  • Parent Survey- feel free to provide your feedback on topics that you consider of relevance for the CNG parent community throughout the school year.  

We appreciate your active participation and involvement as we work to make the most of the home-school partnership to support every student's learning!

Community Resources for Anti-Racism

According to Dr. Derrick Gay, CNG’s consultant on issues of intercultural competence, books allow us to have a sense of awareness of who we are and how to navigate the world. Books are mirrors and windows. Mirrors in the sense that all students should be able to identify themselves with characters portrayed in literature, and windows through which students should be able to learn and have an awareness of other members of the community.  (“Mirrors and Windows” - Dr. Derrick Gay interview on how to cultivate more inclusive book collections to prepare students to navigate our pluralistic and globalized world. )

Based on a publication from the American Community School of Abu Dhabi and adapted by our librarians, counselors, and Intercultural Competence team members, among others, we are hopeful the CNG Community Resources for Anti-Racism Awareness document will provide you with powerful resources to help you gain awareness and navigate conversations around anti-racism. This list is not exhaustive but it has been carefully curated by grade level for the needs of our community. We will add additional resources as appropriate.

We invite parents to take advantage of this literature to foster meaningful conversations with your children.

Additional Resources

These are additional resources that CNG recommends for its parent community. Make sure to check in regularly for the latest information!


  • Dr. Derrick Gay, CNG and International Consultant on Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural Competency, and Global Citizenship. Please sign up for Dr. Gay’s monthly newsletter HERE 
  • Freedom from Chemical Dependency (FCD), CNG consultants for the prevention of alcohol and substance abuse. To sign up for FCD’s newsletter please email 

Recommended books on Intercultural Competence and Diversity:

TED Talks and Interviews:

  • Danger of a Single Story” (TED Talk)

  • Mirrors and Windows” - Dr. Derrick Gay interview with PBS Books during 2019 Michigan Library Association Annual Conference on how to cultivate more inclusive book collections to prepare students to navigate our pluralistic and globalized world. 

Publications and Documents:

Online Resources:

  • International Institute of Restorative Practices
  • CNG and Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada are proud members of Red PaPaz, a non-profit organization that seeks to defend Children’s Rights in Colombia. Red PaPaz is not affiliated with any religion or political party. CNG counselors and administrators attend monthly meetings and share with our parent community relevant newsletters, podcasts, presentations and workshops. Red PaPaz seeks to strengthen adults' capabilities and skills to ensure children’s rights are guaranteed. To learn more please review the Red PaPaz Brochure, or check out their website by clicking on the logo below. You may also access recordings of their recent parent events HERE.

  • Common Sense is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century. To learn more please check out their website by clicking on the logo below.

Parent Survey

CNG Parents have the opportunity to participate in an annual survey communicated via email by the Counseling Department, to propose topics of interest for education events related to character education. The Counseling Department plans parent education workshops and conferences based on CNG families' feedback. A total of 248 parents participated in the 2019-2020 survey. Thank you!  These were the main topics selected by parents in each school division:

Primary School:

  1. Friendship Issues
  2. Parenting Skills for the 21st century
  3. Mindfulness 

Middle School:

  1. Screen time
  2. Time management/organization, peer pressure (tie)
  3. Conflict management

Elementary School:

  1. Friendship Issues
  2. Screen time
  3. Time management/organization, anxiety/stress and conflict management (tie)

High School:

  1. Time management/organization
  2. Anxiety/stress
  3. Sex ed, motivation (tie)

If you were not able to participate in this year's survey, please reach out to your corresponding counselor to make any suggestions and recommendations for potential parent education events. You may contact counselors in the CNG Counseling HUB. Thank you!

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