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CNG Athletics Department Philosophy and Guiding Principles 2020

The role of the Department of Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities is to extend the mission and vision of CNG beyond the four walls of the classroom. While the direct focus is strengthening the body to pursue competitive success, we also believe in sport as a vehicle for educating the mind and developing character. Our student-athletes may acquire the necessary tools to meet their potential for excellence in the future both on and off the playing field. 

Our Guiding Principles include:

  • Commitment to the CNG mission and core values
  • Fitness from early childhood to foster lifelong athletic participation and an active lifestyle
  • Respecting the individuality of each child and providing opportunities for all
  • Success centered on the development of the person and the whole athlete
  • Athletics in a fun, engaging, and challenging atmosphere
  • Participation in multiple activities and sports, limit athletic specialization
  • Providing healthy competitive opportunities without overemphasizing winning


As Dr. Habegger mentioned in his April 14 “the situation remains highly fluid and unpredictable right now related to making any advance decisions.” For the time being Saturday athletic activities have been postponed (April 17 and April 24). If new information is developed mid-week, the Athletic Department will send out information to impacted athletes from the Skyward messaging system. 


CNG Saturday Athletics Registration - Update  (For April 12th)

Dear Parents,

Once again, the Athletics Department is planning to return to on-campus Saturday activities (Pending Biosecurity Recommendations of Ministries of Health and Education and CNG Administration). Saturday, April 17, we are planning to offer group A athletic practice, and Saturday, April 24, group B will be able to participate in practice

If you filled out the form in the previous weeks, you do not need to complete it again, unless you have some change to make. If you have not yet registered, you should.

To register for Saturday campus access, please only choose one of your children’s activities by the Skyward Form from today Monday, April 12 to Tuesday, April 13 at 5:00 p.m. The activity you choose will be the one your child attends this time, for next Saturday if you want to change it you must enroll it again. 

On Thursday, April 15, after noon you will receive a confirmation email from the Athletic Office of the activities to offer out and final details. Remember, the activity requires a minimum number of participants to be open for the Saturday practice session.

Saturday Register Instructive Form

Saturday On-Campus Athletic Activities SCHEDULE

Questions or inquiries about this information can be directed to

Andrés Silva

Director of Athletics  


Colin Lauman

Physical Education and Co-Curricular Activities Coordinator


Table Tennis






Weight Training


Track and Field

Condor Kids

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