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Skyward - PARENTS AS PARTNERS MIRROR GUIDE: Parent Involvement Opportunities



CNG encourages all parents to be actively engaged in their child’s character education. Given how critical the home-school partnership is for the development of a child’s emotional and mental well-being, we invite parents to review these involvement opportunities and consider being active members of our CNG community.

Board of Directors

The chief purpose of serving on the Board of Directors is to work as a member of a team to provide guidance for the general direction of the school and to ensure the school has the necessary resources to accomplish its mission and vision.  Effective Board Members neither seek to administer the school nor to promote any personal agenda items.

Diego Acevedo, Mereke Carrizosa, Mauricio Samper, Bernardo Cardenas, Harry Sasson, Mariana Lloreda, Daniel Cortes, Kari Warner

Character for Parents Planning Team

The Character for Parents Planning Team is a 20+ parent group that assesses parent engagement and family-based character building efforts and identifies potential areas for improvement. The group has been active since January 2019 and has led the efforts to build this Parents As Partners site to facilitate the school-parent partnership.

Top Row Left to Right: Silvie La Roche, Mereke Carrizosa, Daniela Fina, Francesca Polanco, Amanda Londoño, Maria Elena Lares
Bottom Row Left to Right: Dorette Stern, Andres Campos, Maria Cristina Holguin, Catalina Pelaez, Veronica Davila, Anne Marie Lauschus Johanna Hjerthen, Maria Cecilia Escallon, Michelle Beda, Yasmin Sabet, Julio C. Herrera
Not in Picture:
Marcela Campos, Helena de Brigard, Mara Minski, Margarita Rivera, Maria Fernanda Correa

Parent Council

The Parent Council is a legally constituted body required by Colombian law to provide support and advice to the school administration on school development and school improvement initiatives. One representative from each grade is elected by the parent community in the first month of each school year during the Open Houses.

Layla Katime (K4), Michelle Beda (K5), Uchi Cubillos (1st grade), Liliana Garavito (2nd grade), Daniela Fina (3rd grade), Andrea Escruceria (4th grade), Luis Alejandro Lara (5th grade), Catalina Peláez (6th grade), Helena de Brigard (7th grade), Maria Fernanda Correa (8th grade), Maria Cecilia Escallón (9th grade), Alexandra Crump (10th grade), Evelyn Aghion (11th grade), and Margarita Rivera (12th grade)

Parenting for Life / Proyecto Vida

Proyecto Vida/Parenting for Life is an interactive program that involves parents/guardians in Character for Life, CNG´s cross disciplinary and comprehensive social emotional curriculum to purposefully shape our students’ character in preparation for a life well lived. The lessons are carried out with the participation of parent volunteers from each classroom through interactive activities.

Mara Minski, Maria Fernanda Correa, Ximena Quiroga

Athletics and Sports

Parent involvement is vital to the CNG Athletics Program. Students that elect to participate in athletics are making a choice of self-discipline and good training habits. And since both parenting and coaching are extremely challenging, the partnership between parents and coaches is a key dynamic to the overall growth experience of a student-athlete. By establishing an understanding of each, we are better able to grasp the actions of the other for the benefit of the student-athlete.


The PTA (Asociación de Padres de Familia - ASOPADRES) at Colegio Nueva Granada is a private non-profit organization, formed by a group of parents who share the same principles, education philosophy and vision as the school. We focus our efforts on working alongside parents and teachers to enhance the CNG experience for our students. If you want to be an active volunteer or to request more information please email us Click here to pay the annual fee and become a member.

President: Dorette Beda

Vice President: Catalina Peláez

Treasurer: Juan Carlos Pulido

Secretary: Maria Cristina Aparicio

Member: Maria Isabel Cifuentes

Member: Claudia Rey

Parent Ambassadors

Current CNG families help new families integrate into our school’s culture by ensuring all new community members are aware of CNG news, helping them establish a sense of connectedness with the school community, and attending and/or leading Parent Ambassador Workshops or Clubs.

Fundación Hogar Nueva Granada

CNG Families have the opportunity to volunteer their time in different areas of the Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada. To learn more about the different ways you can contribute and volunteer please email or visit their web page by clicking on the logo.

Social Media


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