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CNG Emergency Reaction Plan: Fire or Explosion

Classroom teacher must inform principal of fire via de PA system.

Principal activates alarm and defines evacuation procedure.

Classroom teacher must:

  • Interrupt all activities at once.
  • Be calm and instruct students to remain calm.
  • Inform the students clearly and calmly about the instructions they must follow.
  • Inform the Principal, Deputy or Brigade Staff of any injured person as soon as conditions allow it.
  • In the event evacuation is necessary take the classroom list, cellular phone and emergency cards.
  • Direct the evacuation of students to MEETING POINT following the designed emergency route and use common sense to direct students to safest meeting point.
  • Students must NEVER be left alone without adult supervision.
  • After everyone is safely out of the building, the fire brigade will determine whether there is an actual fire.
  • If any students or staff members are seriously injured, the emergency procedures for injury go into effect.
  • Teachers must wait for instructions to either return to the classroom or continue to STEP 2, evacuation to safe havens.

General fire safety procedures should be followed including:

  • A fire larger that one in a wastepaper basket should be left to the Fire Brigade. Staff members should not try to fight larger fires unless they have special training.
  • Remind staff and students not to run if their clothing catches fire as it fans and spreads the fire more rapidly. Should someone catch on fire, they should stop, drop and roll. Rolling in a coat, blanket or on the floor will help to smother the flames.
  • When planning to enter a closed room in a burning building, the door should first be felt with the palm of the hand. If it is hot, it should not be opened.
  • After the fire has been extinguished, the Director must determine if it is safe to return to the building. If not, the students must be evacuated following the evacuation procedures and wait for instructions.

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