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CNG Emergency Reaction Plan: Biological / Chemical Incident

After notification of a suspected biological/chemical incident, the following steps and actions are initiated immediately to reduce the risk of bodily harm:

Response Plan in Dealing with the Biological or Chemical Incident

  • Follow the Secured Room procedure as instructed by the Director.
  • Upon receiving the “secured room” order, all students and staff, who are involved in outdoor activities return to their designated room or office.
    • Initially all students and staff are kept in their designated room until the Director, assesses the situation and advises the best course of action such as moving to a particular on-site or off-site safe haven.
    • When students, staff, or other individuals in the building need emergency medical attention, the Principal or Deputy will notify the First Aid Brigade.
    • As the incident progresses and further analyses are made, information is channeled to the Principal or Deputy and instructions are given to the Teachers.
    • Once released, students and staff do not return to the School until the Director orders it.

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