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CNG Emergency Reaction Plan: Lockdown (Secured Room Procedure)

The school will employ a Lockdown Procedure in the event that we need to protect our students in a safe and closed environment. In general, lockdown situations occur for intruder alerts or bomb threats.

The warning signal for a lockdown situation will be provided through the use of air horns like the ones used in sports events or boating. These air horns will be available at all school entry locations, in all building offices, and at supervisory locations designated throughout the campus. The air horns would only be used by the administration or brigade personnel to signal an emergency requiring everyone to move immediately into a classroom. In the event of an actual Emergency Lockdown, upon safe entry into a classroom or office areas, everyone must stay away from windows in a lockdown mode until an administrator or a brigade member personally comes to the classroom or office area to inform you that the emergency situation has ended.

Please note that air horn signals override any other type of alarm, including a fire alarm. After receiving a warning signal by air horn, only respond to “all clear” communications that are given to you face communication by administrator or a brigade member (in drill situations, you may respond to an intercom announcement for all clear)

When you hear the air horn signal:

  1. Check the hallway or playground area and instruct all children and school personnel in the area immediately enter the nearest classroom or office.
  2. Lock the door.
  3. Move all the students into the corner of the room that ensures the least amount of exposure to the windows and door.
  4. Wait patiently and quietly
  5. During a lockdown drill, building principals, emergency personnel and security guards will verify to check that all doors are locked.
  6. Once we have checked all doors, an administrator or a security guard will come to your room announcing the following: “All clear, prepare for a routine Fire Drill.”
  7. The Fire alarm will be triggered and standard fire drill procedures should be followed.

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