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CNG Emergency Reaction Plan: Evacuation Procedures

Step 1

1. Director or Deputy activates PA SYSTEM alarm and defines evacuation procedure.

2. Principal and Deputy must take the radio to the assigned Meeting Point.

Rules for Evacuating the Classroom:

Once the alarm is activated, or the classroom teacher has identified the incident/emergency they will:

  • Interrupt all activities at once
  • Be calm and instruct students to remain calm.
  • Inform the students clearly and calmly about the instructions they must follow.
  • Inform the Principal, Deputy or Brigade Staff of any injured person as soon as conditions allow it.
  • Take the classroom list, cellular phone and emergency cards.
  • Direct the evacuation of students to MEETING POINT following the designed emergency route and use common sense to direct students to safest meeting point.
  • Students must NEVER be left alone without adult supervision.

Rules to Follow at Meeting Point Take Roll as soon as Conditions Allow it.

  • Take roll as soon as conditions allow it.
  • Report missing students to the Principal, Deputy or Brigade Staff in charge of the MEETING POINT, and wait for instructions.
  • Assess physical condition of students. As soon as conditions allow, any person requiring first aid should receive it from the First Aid Brigade or trainned staff.
  • Keep order
  • Dispel rumor
  • Remain with the students until instructed otherwise.
  • Wait for the order given by the Principal, Deputy or Brigade Staff before returning to the building.
  • The order can be:
  1. Return to Classroom
  2. Proceed to step 2: Evacuation to High School Courts

Step 2 is activated as follows:

After completing Step I, either of the following instructions will be given:

  • All Principals and Deputies order teachers to direct students to Upper Sport Courts by the High School Gym.
  • All school should be gathered in the Upper Sports Courts by the High School Gym according to the Step 2 evacuation zone map.
  • The Director will instruct all principals as to the instructions to follow which can be:
  • Remain in school and move to On Campus Safe Havens.
  • Leave school to Off campus safe haven.
  • Leave school to go home.

Step 3 is activated as follows:

Instructions to Follow when Evacuating Students Home

  1. All monitors and drivers should line up in the football field with their bus number.
  2. Children will be sent to the corresponding line of their bus
  3. Those students who do not use the CNG transportation services on a regular basis, in case of an evacuation procedure, will be sent home on a bus. A CNG cellular text message will be sent out to parents informing them of this.


On campus, In door Safe Havens:

Secured Room – Protects students and staff from a threat inside the building when it is more dangerous to leave the building. The instruction is given by the Principal or Deputy to stay in a secure room. (Classroom/ office/ gym/ cafeteria/multipurpose room/EVL/Kiosk/IMC)

The following instructions must be followed by the teacher or supervising adult:

  • Lock classroom doors and windows and pull shades if possible.
  • Keep students away from doors and windows.
  • If a gunshot or an explosion is heard, instruct everyone to lie on the floor.

If you have an emergency in your room: contact the school office immediately using the PA System informing the nature of the emergency. Remain in the secured room until notified by the Principal or Deputy to release the class.

Area-based Havens: The ICS assigns on-campus, indoor, area-based safe havens depending on the nature of the emergency. These havens are for longer-term use. They each have emergency supplies for up to three days and they have access to water and bathrooms.

These safe havens have been assigned by schools:

  • High school Gym
  • Elementary Gym
  • Student Cafeteria

The students should be directed to Area-based safe havens as follows:

  • H.S. Gym: PS and ES
  • E.S. Gym: MS
  • Student Cafeteria: HS

Off-campus Safe Havens: When evacuation needs to be as fast as possible students are evacuated to the southern lot behind Colegio Nueva Granada. At this point, the ICS will evaluate if students and staff will be allowed to return to campus or go home.

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