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CNG Emergency Reaction Plan: Bomb Threat / Intruder

Recipient of the Threat:

All threats have to be considered real.

If a bomb threat is received by phone, the individual receiving the call should:

  • Stay calm
  • Listen carefully
  • Remain polite without exhibiting a fear reaction
  • Begin documenting the call.
  • Try to get another staff person to let the principal/director/designee know what is happening with this phone call.
  • Once the caller has disconnected the line, the Director should be notified. It is imperative to keep the call confidential to avoid residual inappropriate responses and panic actions.
  • The Director will decide if the ICS needs to be activated.

Teacher or Supervising Adult

  • Follow Principal’s instructions for appropriate emergency procedure.
  • Minimize movement in halls and classrooms to a minimum.

Bomb or Suspicious Device\Teacher or Supervising Adult:

  • Do not touch or approach a bomb or suspicious device.
  • Do not use of Walkie-Talkies, two-way radios, cellular phones, the PA System or pagers as it could trigger a sensor of the bomb.
  • Notify school’s office immediately
  • Get students out to nearest meeting point and wait for directions from the Principal or Deputy and follow instructions for appropriate emergency procedure.

In case evacuation is ordered:

  • The evacuation will be ordered by the Principal with a megaphone. The evacuation WILL NOT be activated with any alarm, Walkie-Talkie, two-way radio, cellular phone or pager as it could trigger a sensor of the bomb.
  • Avoid causing vibrations since they can detonate some devices. Open windows, if possible.
  • Do not use any electrical switches since this could be a potential bomb detonation device.
  • Director will determine if students should be taken to off-campus havens and will order the appropriate transportation steps.

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