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CNG Behavior Regulations Procedures and Expectations

BRPE_Health Zone Unit

The mission of HZU Team is providing comprehensive care to all members of the educational community. Within the caring role, the Health Zone programs provide intervention activities to identify basic health needs, provide education and conduct orientation to foster and maintain the health of our entire School. The HZU Team intervenes in real and potential health problems, offers special case management, and actively collaborates with others to build a healthy environment.




The Health Zone Unit primary goal is giving the needed care, to educate and empower the CNG community with skills that foster the importance of self-care and hygiene as a means to improve the quality of their lives focusing on prevention:

  • The HZU Team must take a leadership role in serving as a participant in all school healthprograms as follows:

◊ Health Education: Provides educational strategies in healthy lifestyles

◊  Healthy Environment: identify health and safety issues in the school community and promote a nurturing environment

◊  Nutritional Services: Support the healthy  food services programs.

  • Identifies, intervenes, and evaluates CNG community health situations

  • Implements management protocols of the operating processes that take place during the health care offered to the community.

  • Identifies risk factors, therefore, promoting health and reducing absenteeism.

  • Determines early signs and symptoms making timely referrals to primary care.

  • Discerns and differentiates stress symptoms requiring assurance and tender loving care (TLC) versus medical model treatment such as rest and medication; refers for appropriate follow up with counselors.

  • Logs and updates, in a timely manner, the relevant information to the SKYWARD system.

  • Participates in the Emergency Brigades

BRPE_Health Zone Location and Schedule


Main Health Zone: Office F-4

Registered Nurses: Liliana Santos and Silvana Plata

Monday to Friday and scheduled Saturdays
From 6:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Tel 2123511 Ext. 182 – 221

Cell 316 473 4268-3103107253

Sports/ trauma and first aid station: Kiosko

Nurse Assistant: Diana Pina
Monday to Friday and scheduled Saturdays

From 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

BRPE_Emergency Procedures


Health Zone Unit on Duty

In the event of a fall, accident or other serious medical issue, the procedure is as follows:

Contact the HZU they assist the situation and decides on the necessary action. Do not move the person.

Primary students must be sent to the Health Zone accompanied by a teacher.

Health Zone Unit is Off Duty

Evaluate Surroundings: ¿Is the scene safe? What happened? Can others help?

• Administer first aid only if you have proper training.

• Get Help If Needed: An adult should stay with the injured patient at all times

• Call the ambulance service (9) 123 landlines or 123 from a cellphone, you must be prepared to give the following information

Patient’s full name and age
Description of the problem
The School address: Carrera 2 E No. 70-20

BRPE_Medication Policy


Colombian Law regarding Medicine Administration

In accordance with Article 13 of the 911 Colombian Law, HZU Team may not provide any medicine to students unless authorized by a competent authority or the student has a fever and previous authorization by their parents.

 If a student is undergoing medical treatment and needs to take prescribed medication, HZU team are able to administer. Parents should bring to the HZU both, a doctor’s order prescription and medication prescribed.

Should your child suffer from severe allergies or conditions, contact the Health Zone directly in order to discuss CNG protocols. You may call 212-3511, ext. 182/221 and contact Liliana Santos and Silvana Plata

ZU Team will not be held responsible for injury, illness or death as a result of important medical information being omitted in the Health Section or not reported to the Health Zone in due time.


BRPE_Visits to the Health Zone Unit



  • As the student comes to the Health Zone to request care unless it is an emergency, the student should bring Infirmary a pass filled out (Name, grade, date, time in and subjective column) and signed either by the school secretary or the teacher as shown in Form 1

  • Having in mind that students are missing valuable class time while they are at the Health Zone, HZU team will try to limit their visit to a maximum of 20 minutes at a time, if symptoms subside return student to class

  • If student is returning to his/her class, HZU Team will complete the Health Zone Pass and the student will hand it back to the teacher as shown in Form 1

  • If symptoms persist, the attending nurse will notify the parents/guardian immediately and depending on the case will recommend a consultation with the student’s medical doctor for an evaluation or for emergency care (ER), as shown in Form.

  • If the student is leaving the school, the nurse will fill out, according to the case: an ISO R-TR-29/ ONE DAY Gate Pass or R-TR30/ ONE DAY Bus Pass Form, as shown in Form 2 and Form 3, and immediately, via – email, inform the corresponding School’s

  • Attendance and Record Secretary and Advisory Teacher/ Home Room Teacher, of the corresponding dismissal from school. Form4


In the given case that a staff member wakes up feeling unwell, the HZU team discourage the collaborator to come to school sick and advises him/her to go to his/her first care provider.

• If the patient needs further assistance, the HZU team will guide him/her through the process according to their health care coverage plan.

All work related accidents that occur while on school property must be reported HR. No matter how insignificant the incident/ accident may appear to the collaborator, an on the job accident report should be filled out according to Colombian Law, as a work-related incident.

At the time the school nurse telephonically reports the accident to the ARL/Insurance Company, it is up to the injured staff member to decide if he/she will attend the ER room If the patient chooses to go to the ER, ARL/Insurance Company, HZU team will give the collaborator a list of hospitals/clinics for the patient to select where he/she desires to go to

The HZU team will not only report to the ARL but will inform via e-mail of the accident to:

Director of Personnel & Human Relations, Corresponding Administrator and School Office, Social Security Coordinator, Administrative Assistant/Employee Records, and to the worker’s direct Supervisor.

CNG Adult Health Zone Non- Emergency

If you need to see an HZU team for a NON- Emergency health-related question, we ask you to fill out the appointment form by typing in your name during a time that works for you. In this way, the HZU team hope to be of better assistance and not have overlap with the students and adults.

Important Reminders

HZU team displacement to the site of the injured person.

Only on the extreme cases where a student/ staff member/visitor has had an emergency where:

• His/her physical well being is at risk
• Cannot walk by his/her own means to either of the two Infirmaries, due to the nature of the injury
• Is under extreme pain
• Prior health antecedents

If the CNG Staff members are aware that the Health Zone is dealing with an emergency, please refrain from sending students, calling and/or coming to inquire about the student’s condition.

Remember that the HZU team, have to provide undivided and the best quality of care to the patient.

Colegio NUEVA GRANADA | | Cra 2E No. 70-20 | Phone: (571)212 3511
Bogotá - Colombia