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CNG Behavior Regulations Procedures and Expectations

BRPE_Transportation Services

Bus service is provided for all students on a voluntary basis for a fee. As long as students observe bus rules and regulations, they may ride the bus daily.

Transportation Contract

BRPE_Bus Rules


Bus rules have been established for the safety of the passengers. They are posted in all the buses. Students are expected to behave at all times in a responsible manner. Students who do not follow bus rules may be suspended from the bus.

  • Respect school property. Do not vandalize or damage the bus in any way.

  • Obey the driver and monitor at all times and avoid distracting the driver.

  • Be respectful. Please use a quiet voice andappropriate language at all times.

  • Please do not put any part of your body or objects out of the window.
  •  Be on time at your bus stop, the bus cannot wait.
  • Upon entering the bus, please sit promptly where indicated by the monitor. In general youngest students at the front and oldest at the back of the bus. Share your seat with other passengers as requested by the monitor.
  • Please remain seated, seatbelt fastened, and facing forward throughout the bus ride.
  • Do not eat or drink while on the bus nor leave litter.
  • Windows can be opened to one‐third of the way down.
  • If the bus is not yet parked at its assigned space in the school parking lot, please remain behind the gray line, and wait for the bus to arrive.
  • Do not run after the bus. Once the buses are moving, no one will be allowed to board the bus; drivers have been instructed not to stop.
  • Students must have written authorization from their school office in order to ride a bus other than their regular route.
  • Consequences
  • 1st incident: Verbal warning
  • 2nd incident: Written warning
  • 3rd incident: One (1) day suspension from bus
  • 4th incident: One (1) week (5 school days) suspension from the bus
  • 5th incident: Indefinite suspension

HS/MS Permanent Gate Pass

PS/ES Permanent Gate Pass

BRPE_Permanent Gate Pass Contract (Insert Above)


Students who normally arrive and leave by car every day should have a Permanent Gate Pass. This is available through the Matriculation process. If a change is needed, please seek assistance through the building office.

BRPE_Parking Rules at Colegio Nueva Granada

During the current construction phase at CNG, parkings will not be available except for emergencies as determined by Administration.

Colegio NUEVA GRANADA | | Cra 2E No. 70-20 | Phone: (571)212 3511
Bogotá - Colombia