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CNG Code of Honor & Disciplinary Policy

COH_CNG Code of Honor - A Companion Guide for PS/ ES Parents


What is the CNG Code of Honor:

A comprehensive document that details the rules that we live by in the CNG Community.

The way in which we reinforce the CNG Core Values of Respect, Integrity, Responsibility and Caring on a daily basis.

Why is the CNG Code of Honor important?

Every community needs to understand the basic tenets that govern the way in which we interact with each other. Codified rules go back to ancient times and the Code of Babylon that outlined the laws for community living and possible punishment for breaking the code.

The CNG Code of Honor provides the principles by which we live both on campus and in the greater community, and that which we hold important to reinforce and uphold. It is also a tool to help students learn how to behave and become accountable for their choices.

What is the goal for PS and ES students in abiding by the Code of Honor?

At the PS and ES level, the Code of Honor is primarily a teaching tool. We want our students to learn from their behavior. We want them to understand that for each of their choices, there are consequences. And we want them to understand

that living and working in a community requires all of its members to follow the rules in order for everyone to learn in a safe, caring and respectful environment.

Classroom norms are established early in the school year and reinforced daily to reinforce our Core Values. We want our students not only to know what is right, but also to feel motivated to do what is right, and to act accordingly.

How does Administration implement the Code of Honor?

The most important guiding principle for Administrators is that of Progressive Discipline. We provide students the opportunity to learn from Minor mistakes before they become Serious. We include our Counselors to help students reflect to solve problems and conduct Restorative Circles to repair relationships when students act in a way that is hurtful to others. As students get older, we expect them to have learned what is expected so that they make good choices as to their behavior.

Finally, we help students understand that for every choice they make there can be natural consequences. Consequences can include restitution and replacement behavior and the development of social-emotional skills when their initial choice has not been a good one

COH_Classification of Behavior – Minor, Serious, Grave


The CNG Code of Honor lists many potential offences classified in Minor, Serious and Grave. The chart below outlines those frequently seen at PS and ES:

This list is not exhaustive and parents should refer to the CNG Code of Honor and Disciplinary Policy for the complete list of offences and potential consequences for each level.





Behavior that goes against classroom rules /norms:

• Behavior in class

• Attendance

• Submitting class work late

• Dishonesty

• Which, left unchecked, become disruptive and serious.

• Bullying

• Intolerance/Hate

• Fighting

• Academic Dishonesty

• Refusing to follow rules / directions of teachers and staff

• Repetition of minor offenses

• Fighting causing injury

• Repeated bullying

• Threats, harassment or disrespectful behavior as retaliation

• Repetition of serious offenses

COH_Attendance Policy


CNG expects students to be in attendance each and every day that school is scheduled. Absences implicate not only the student who is ab- sent but can negatively impact the learning of other students in the class. Parents should plan vacations, medical appointments, and other non- school events around school holidays and school hours whenever possible. CNG has implemented the following policies and procedures to encourage regular attendance.

Parents and students are expected to review Skyward on a regular basis and address any issues they see with either tardies or absences with their students/parents and/or administration to en- sure records are accurate.

Parents must report student absences to the division office within 48 hours of the absence for it to be counted as excused. Parent reports after that time will be noted but not generally excused. For students who are absent due to an illness of three or more days, an official doctor’s note (incapacidad) must be delivered by hand to the building administrative assistant in charge of attendance or sent scanned via email to the appropriate building.

For all absences that can be planned in advance (both personal and school sponsored), students must complete a Pre-Arranged Absence Form. We require students to fill out a Pre- Arranged Absence Form if they are going to miss one or more class(es) and know about the absence
in advance. The form has space for writing additional information as well as explaining the reason behind the absence. These forms require students to talk with each of their teachers to make plans
for the learning that will be missed during the absence as well as have their parents sign that they are aware of the absence. Additionally, students need to turn the Pre-Arranged Absence Form into the
office and, frequently, this also requires having a conversation with an administrator about the absence. We believe this helps our students build the responsibility they will need throughout their lives
in the world of work.

Absences are Excused for:

1. Illness or treatment (with medical note)

2. Unavoidable cause (e.g. accident,natural catastrophe)

3. Issues with school-provided transportation

4. Behavioral consequences

5. Religious celebrations

6. Field trip organized by the school

7. Student athletes selected to represent national/district events (Decree 2845 of 1984, article 48, required by law for athletes)

8. Passport/visa issues or legal/Embassy appointments

9. Transition visits or testing for other schools (for departing students)

10. AP Exams (in HS)

11. Other absences caused by extenuating circumstances, must be petitioned through a Pre-Arranged Absence Form or letter and will be reviewed by the division administration and/or committee.

The request in a Pre-Arranged Absence Form may or may not be granted by the building administrator and/or committee. Please note that although a Pre-Arranged Absence Form may not be approved and the absence excused, it is the student’s responsibility to submit a form for any advance absences they may have as these documents become part of the student’s CNG record.

Excessive unexcused absences will result in administrative action.

Early Departure from Campus - Parents are requested to follow the proper procedures at each building to request a student leave early.

• Parents must contact the building level attendance office at least two (2) hours prior to the request for students to leave school early. If the parent fails to send the email prior to two (2) hours of dismissal, they must personally come and sign the student out. Please note that maids, nannies, drivers, and other employees of the parent may not come to the building office in place of a parent or guardian.

Bus Passes

• Students who need to go home on a different school bus route, need to have parents email the building office dismissal system by 11:00 AM (12:00 PM for ES) and include the bus number, the name of the student their child is going home with and/or the address of the place where the student needs to be dropped off.

Number of Absences

• Primary/Elementary School - If a student has been absent (unexcused) for more than twelve (12) school days during the first two trimesters, s/he may be placed on Matricular Hold due to missed instructional hours.

• Middle School - If a student by the end of semester one (January) has been absent (unexcused) for more than five (5) classes per course in a semester, s/he may be placed on Matricular Hold due to missed instructional hours.

• High School - If a student by the end of semester one ( January) has been absent (unexcused) for more than five (5) classes per course in a semester, s/he may be placed on Matricular Hold. Additionally, if a HS student has more than five unexcused or excused absences, with a few exceptions for the latter, in a particular course within a semester, s/he may need to make up hours to ensure credit can be granted.

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