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CNG Code of Honor & Disciplinary Policy

COH_Expulsion Proceedings and Policy


After a case is presented to the CNG Coexistence Committee and is warranted to include expulsion of the student from the school, the following process will begin. Expulsion from the School shall be recommended by the School Director to the Board of Directors and Director’s Council. The Director shall immediately advise the Board of Directors of the required due-process proceedings for expulsion.

The Director shall inform the parents of their right of appeal to the Board of Directors. The decision of the Director may be appealed to the Board of Directors in the established timeline after the day on which such decision is communicated to the pupil’s parents or guardian; such an appeal does not suspend the execution of the Director’s recommendation. The Board of Directors and Director’s Council have final decision-making authority on all expulsion cases.

In the event of a final determination for expulsion, the following policy applies to a student’s transcript:

Disciplinary Expulsion: Disciplinary Expulsion is a sanction that removes a student from the individual’s academic program and permanently separates a student from the institution without opportunity to graduate or re-enroll at the school in the future. The fact of expulsion will appear permanently on the student’s transcript with the condition of departure noted as “Disciplinary Expulsion” with the date of the expulsion also included. Furthermore, this same designation will be permanently placed in the student’s cumulative file for record-keeping purposes.

Important Note: The online version of the CNG Community Handbook, including the most updated version of the CNG Code of Honor and Disciplinary Policy, is considered the official document in effect at CNG.

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