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CNG Code of Honor & Disciplinary Policy

COH_Philosophical Framework


CNG Vision and Purpose: Educating the mind, strengthening the body, and developing character for leadership and service in the world of today for a better tomorrow.

Core values: integrity, caring, respect, responsibility

The philosophy behind discipline at CNG is to support students in their learning of responsibility and self-discipline as an educational process rather than as a primarily punitive outcome. We believe in positive discipline: setting clear expectations for behavior, explicitly teaching those expectations, and providing meaningful and timely feedback for appropriate behaviors as well as consequences for inappropriate behavior. Integrated into our philosophy are the use of Restorative Practices™, which involves building community, repairing relationships, and making restitution within the school community, and CharacterStrong™, the program which helps us weave character into the daily practices of our school and community.

We believe that when we work together as a school community, we create an environment that upholds our core values of integrity, respect, responsibility, and caring.

Community Members

All community members (faculty/staff, students, alumni, parents, employees of our families - housekeepers, nannies, drivers, bodyguards, etc., and visitors) are expected to follow the Code of Honor. In order to ensure the safety and well-being of others, school-determined sanctions for inappropriate behavior may include restrictions from attending school events and the loss of campus visitation privileges as determined by the CNG Administration, Director, and/or Board of Directors based on established due-process procedures.

COH_CNG Code of Honor for All Members of Our CNG Community


Please note that all members of the school community: faculty/staff, students, alumni, parents, employees of our families - housekeepers, nannies, drivers, bodyguards, etc., and visitors are expected to demonstrate the CNG Core Values as well as the expectations outlined in the CNG Code of Honor and Disciplinary Policy as well as in the CNG Community Handbook. Please note the CNG Core Values:


Value Diversity - I accept individual differences and appreciate each person’s worth,rights, dignity, and culture.

Conflict Resolution - I work to solve problems in a peaceful and constructive manner while expressing myself in assertive yet non aggressive ways.

Care for Property - I safeguard the property of myself, others, our CNG campus, and the environment.

Open Communication - I express my thoughts and concerns honestly without trying to hurt other people’s feelings or harm their rights.


Accountability - I take ownership of my behavior, decisions, and the outcome of my actions.

Personal Growth - I set challenging goals for myself, take advantage of opportunities, and always give my best effort.

Follow Rules - I follow the Code of Honor, practice fair play, and model behaviors that reflect CNG’s values and expectations in and out of school.

Critical Thinking - I practice self-reflection to help guide my thoughts, feelings, and actions in making decisions and taking educated risks.


Commitment - I do what I say I will do.

Honesty - I act with a strong sense of fairness, decency, and justice, while being truthful to myself and courageous with others.

Trustworthiness - I am a person others can always trust.

Academic Integrity - I give credit to others for their ideas, do my own work, and avoid participating in any form of cheating.


Kindness - I am friendly to everyone, care for myself and others, and take time to express my appreciation and gratitude.

Empathy - I make every effort to understand the feelings and thoughts of others while trying to relate to their experiences.

Service - I commit to making the world a better place by showing determination and creativity in finding impactful ways to solve problems and help others.

Collaboration - I interact effectively with a diverse group of people to promote a positive school environment and achieve common goals.

CNG community members (faculty/ staff, students, alumni, parents, employees of our families - housekeepers, nannies, drivers, bodyguards, etc., and visitors) are expected to conduct themselves in responsible, respectful, caring, and honest ways at all times, both in and out of school. Code of Honor violations may be applied to any member of the CNG community. If a student and or faculty/staff member fails to achieve these expectations, there are corrective steps that faculty/staff and administrators will take to preserve a safe, productive, and orderly learning environment for all members of the CNG community.

The rules set forth below serve one or more of the following basic purposes:

1. to protect a member of the CNG community from having his or her rights infringed upon by others;

2. to help community members make responsible decisions about behavior which may affect the student’s own life and/or the rights of others;

3. to aid in the effective operation of the CNG community and the school’s learning environment; and

4. to protect the reputation of the school, our students, and the CNG community.

We rely on the professional judgment of our teachers and staff to respond in a fair and consistent manner. We believe that initial responses to inappropriate behavior should help students to learn from their mistakes, unless those behaviors are serious or grave in nature and thus require a more directive response.

When negative behavior is repetitive, serious, or grave, School Administrators become involved in the process of determining the most appropriate consequences, as outlined below. Along with consequences, Restorative Practices are utilized to help students take responsibility for their mistakes, repair relationships, and build community.

Any member of the community (faculty/ staff, students, alumni, parents, employees of our families - housekeepers, nannies, drivers, bodyguards, etc., and visitors) who fails to uphold the requirements and responsibilities as outlined above may lose the opportunity to fully participate in school and community activities. School-determined sanctions may include the disciplinary consequences as outlined in this handbook as well as restrictions from attending school events and the loss of campus visitation privileges to ensure the safety and wellbeing of others as determined by the CNG Principals, Director, Diretor’s Council, and/or Board of Directors.

Teachers, staff members, and students are responsible to report any violation of the Code of Honor to a building Administrator. Records will be kept in student files documenting any student
involved in violation of the Code. For cases within the classroom or on buses, the teacher’s or staff member’s observation of the behavior or physical evidence constitutes sufficient proof for determining failure to meet expected behaviors. For cases outside of school, CNG reserves the
right to conduct an investigation to determine
justification for the school taking further action.
As examples, the school may investigate:

1. students who are involved in fights (whether as bystander, aggressor, or victim) outside school;

2. students who are involved in inappropriate online behavior; or

3. students who provide or sell alcohol or other drugs or who may possess any type of weapon.

Final determination or verification of a violation will be made by the Principal or the administrative designee, and if necessary, through the intercession of the Director. The consequences for violating the Code are cumulative throughout a student’s time at CNG. Notwithstanding the above, instances of Serious or Grave behavior, either on or off campus, may be subject to immediate suspension or recommendation for expulsion.


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