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CNG Athletics: Uncoli and Binationals Schedule

CNG Community- On this page we would like to provide you with the information and schedules regarding the two competition groups we are associated with, UNCOLI and Binationals. 

UNCOLI: UNCOLI is a league that consists of schools within Bogota and surrounding areas. This league is highly competitive and serves to provide the most opportunities in competition for our children Grade 3-12. Please notice that UNCOLI separates teams by age due to the variety of curricular systems within the league. UNCOLI has three seasons within our school year that you can see in the calendar attached below. 

CNG Binationals: Binationals are sporting events that are held annually between the different teams of the Middle and High School sections for our large tournaments and additionally 6th and 7th grade mini-tournaments of the ACCAS schools, which seek to promote and encourage the practice of sports, the integration of the community, the integral formation of the students, and healthy competition.

Each coach will conduct a team selection process for Binationals due to the team roster restrictions. This is a very thorough process that is monitored by an administrative team. You will receive more detailed information regarding the tournaments. 

UNCOLI and Binational Schedules: Attached below are the schedules for the two leagues. If we have any changes to the schedule you will be notified and the change will be updated in the google sheet. Please notice that the UNCOLI Schedule is on the first tab of the google sheet and the Binationals schedule on the second tab. 


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