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November 2, 2023

We are so proud of all our CNG teams and are delighted to announce that five of them have reached the second round of UNCOLI. The second round is here, and we are playing for the qualification to the semi-finals, these are the teams currently involved:

- Basketball A Girls and Boys

- Soccer C Girls and B Boys

- Volleyball C boys

October 27, 2023

We’re so proud of our teams who competed at the HS Binational Games in Pereira. Students demonstrated incredible commitment, integrity, and sportsmanship. Congratulations to our amazing student-athletes and coaches! 


October 19, 2023

Let the Condor Spirit fly over the fields!

The teams participating in the current tournaments.


  • Girls: Soccer and Volleyball
  • Boys: Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball


  • Bastekball:  A Girls and Boys
  • Soccer: C-Girls and B-Boys
  • Volleyball: B-Girls and C-Boys


October 13, 2023

Last week, our athletics coaching staff attended the TRI - Association conference hosted by CNG. This provided a valuable opportunity to learn from and share experiences with international experts on topics such as character, child protection, leadership, and IA. These insights will help us maintain high standards in our athletic program as we continue to grow.

-Oct 19 - 25 HS Binationals, Pereira

September 25, 2023

Dear Parents:

The election of the team captains was successful, our student-athletes have worked hard to build great teams, and our leaders have come to the forefront. 

Our students-athletes reviewed and socialized the Athletics Code of Conduct, team agreements and expectations during the practices. For parent signatures we continue with the same process through skyward. The deadline is September 29th.
Leadership is a cornerstone of the Athletics department, and the perfect tool for character development.

A player who makes a team great is better than a great player” John Wooden


September 15, 2023

Dear Parents:

You can view the weekly schedule of the games and festivals for all of our teams in the Competition Schedule menu.

For the full schedule for this first season click on the  Full Games schedule 

We will be updating this information as the schedule changes in the program and new events. 

Go Condors 

Dear Parents

As a school and community committed to environmental care and the optimization of resources, we inform you that starting this year the sports uniforms will have the text "CONDORS" instead of the student-athlete´s last names. The above is with the purpose of extending the useful life of these items so that they can be re-used.

We thank you for your collaboration and commitment to a sustainable future!

August 30 -2023

Dear Parents:

We would like to welcome PS/ES Athletics and all of the Condor Activities beginning Monday, September 4. We are confident that this will be a great year for our students in Co-curricular activities.

Please check the PS/ES information button for entry/exit logistic information.  


This year, the uniforms will remain unchanged from the previous year; no alterations are planned. However, for students who require an additional uniform or need to complete their collection with both colors (white and blue), we kindly ask you to review the subsequent details. Please note that the Skyward  Online Uniform Ordering Form will be open only on the dates below. Submitting orders within the recommended dates will ensure uniforms are delivered in a timely manner. 

-Skyward Online Form is open for orders: from August 30, 2023, to September 03, 2023.

-The approximate delivery date of uniforms (coaches will be delivering the uniforms): October 17, 2023, to October 19, 2023.

If you do not apply for your uniform on this first date, please be aware that we will provide an additional date to apply for the uniforms later in the first semester.

Attached is a PDF with instructions to fill out the application. Take into account that the format has a link that allows you to see the different sizes and measurements.

Note: Athletes can use uniforms from previous school years if they do not have a conflict with the rules and regulations of UNCOLI and Binationals. Coaching staff will be able to determine if your child can use the previous year's uniform. 

If you have any questions, please write to we will gladly help you. Attached below are the instructions for ordering uniforms: 

NOTE: For ES the uniform is not mandatory to participate in the festivals and UNCOLI activities, they can use the PE blue uniform or any other CNG uniform that they have from different sports. The white uniform is not available for ES.

-Accessing Skyward Instructive 

-Skyward Uniform Order Instructive 

-Skyward Edit Uniform Order Instructive 

-CNG Size Table




Dear CNG MS/HS Student-Athletes and Parents,

Once again, we welcome all our students, parents, and staff of the CNG to start this new school year 2023-2024, with the absolute certainty that we have your unconditional support and the best disposition in the sports and extracurricular activities development. In addition to our gratitude, on behalf of the Athletics Department, we want to assure you of our utmost commitment to the welfare of our students/athletes and our willingness to resolve any questions or concerns that may arise.

We inform you that the practice schedules are updated, along with the registration instructions for parents.

We thank you for your support and welcome you again.

Additional Information:



Colegio NUEVA GRANADA | | Cra 2E No. 70-20 | Phone: (571)212 3511
Bogotá - Colombia