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CNG - Bogotá Distance Learning Hub - Información del Plan de Aprendizaje a Distancia: At Home Entertainment - Entretenimiento en casa

We understand that social distancing might be hard on everyone. On this page you will find various resources for at home entertainment that can serve to pass the time at home without feeling like you're falling into a monotonous routine. From sites where you can stream the best documentaries and an internet bank of recipes to cook as a family to virtual tours of some of the best museums in the world and live streams from the MET Opera in New York City, we hope there is something here for everyone. 

Theatre / Opera / Music / Film

The Metropolitan Opera - Free Opera Live Streams 

Due to the current situation The Metropolitan Opera is going to be offering free Opera live streams every afternoon starting at 6:30 pm. Find more information here.


Retina Latina

Retina Latina is a free platform to stream the best Independent Latin American Cinema. Sort of like Netflix, but without a subscription fee, this platform can provide good quality entertainment for anyone interested in movies. Click here to see it. 


The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has a Digital Concert Hall available free online so you can see some of their best concerts. Equipped with links for concerts, live streams, interviews, and films, the page grants you a full view of the Philharmonic and everything they play. Click here to access it. 


Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream is a streaming service that focuses on the best documentaries. Although it is not free, the subscription is only $2 a month and they currently have 40% discounts for the duration of the Covid-19 prevention period. Click here if you're interested. 


Broadway HD

Broadway HD is a streaming platform where you can see the best recordings of all Broadway shows as performed to a live audience. Although access isn't free, they are currently offering a 7 day free trial for anyone interested. Monthly subscriptions after the first 7 days cost $8.99. Click here if you're interested. 

To remain in balance

Museums & Art Galleries

The National Gallery of Art (U.S.A)

The Gallery's collection of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculpture, medals, and decorative arts traces the development of Western Art from the Middle Ages to the present, including the only painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the Americas and the largest mobile created by Alexander Calder. Explore the National Art Gallery Exhibits online here


The British Museum

The British Museum has about eight million objects in its collection, half of these you can see on the British Museum collection database. Enjoy some of the earliest objects created by man to works by contemporary artists by clicking here


The Louvre Museum

Visit the famous Louvre Museum online through the virtual tours they offer. Browse through virtual tours and room descriptions here


Museo del Prado (Madrid) 

You can access almost the entire catalog of the Museo del Prado in Madrid Spain on line by clicking here. You can see high quality images of all the artworks as well as their descriptions to learn as you go. 


National Archeological Museum (Athens) 

The National Archaeological Museum is the largest museum in Greece and one of the most important in the world. Originally destined to receive all the 19th century excavations, mainly from Attica and other parts of the country, it gradually took the form of a central National Archaeological Museum and was enriched with finds from all parts of the Greek world. See all this and more here


The Vatican Museum

A great part of the Vatican Museum's catalog is available online for free! Click here to see all the possible options to view. 


Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi

This Museum, located in the historic center of Florence, is one of the most famous museums in the world as well as one of the largest and most visited. It has a lot of priceless artworks, most of them from the Renaissance period. Click here to discover the masterpieces of their collection as well as their history.

Boston Children's Museum 

The Boston Children's Museum offers a wide range of activities for at home learning and creativity for small children. It also has a virtual tour of the museum in case you are interested in taking your student's around. Click here for the virtual tour and here for the museum's main page. 

Reading & General Knowledge

The World Digital Library

The World Digital Library has made it's entire catalog available for free as long as the period of social distancing continues. Use this incredible resource to look for any kind of book, early manuscript, translation, etc. that you might be interested in but haven't been able to find. Click here to access the library. 

(Para acceder a la Biblioteca Digital Mundial en español haga clic aquí.)


Google Arts & Culture

With Google Arts & Culture you can visit top exhibits, zoom in on artworks in mind-blowing detail and browse thousands of stories, photos, videos, and manuscripts. Be your own curator by finding your favorites, creating your own collections and sharing them with friends. Travel anywhere with tours of iconic sites, famous buildings and natural wonders, on your screen or in VR. Find everything from art exhibitions to artist profiles, archeological sites, and mini history lessons here

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