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We strive to promote a strong integrated community through constant communication and the creation of various school activities that enrich our school community.These activities have become vital to the CNG community and are planned and carried out constantly by our Board of Directors along with our many volunteers.

Our Membership proceeds and fundraising activities allow us to allocate funds to support our children's education and overall school experience.

Our activities and contributions to the community include:

Parent Ambassadors and PTA BBQ for New Families

The PTA together with Parent Ambassadors organizes and carries out a BBQ in August to welcome new families into our community. The goal is to introduce new families to all the activities we carry out throughout the year and let them know how they can join the PTA. This BBQ is a space for our new families to meet their parent ambassadors, other current families and staff members.

PTA Welcome Breakfast for new Families

The Welcome Breakfast for New Families takes place in January to welcome the new families that arrive at school during this time of the year. For the new families’ benefit a short introduction to all CNG staff also takes place in this breakfast.

PTA Friendship Day

The PTA organizes a really nice and fun friendship activity for all students and teachers. The purpose of this friendship day is to Build Ties with our Community. We provide a space for all students to express their gratitude to their friends and reflect about CNG’s core values. We talk about how important it is to respect, care, be responsible and have integrity toward our friendships and our community.



The window painting contest takes place in October before halloween. Our CNG community gets a chance to showcase their art skills by painting CNG’s windows with Halloween themes. Our goal is for our community to come together and create lasting memories. On the day of the contest there is food and entertainment provided on campus and all families are invited to participate to win various prizes.

Dare to Dream Campaign

A campaign that shows how CNG is committed to shine in Character Education. We engage all of CNG’s community to reflect upon CNG’s core values. How do we uphold the values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and caring in our daily life, on and off campus? How do we show our gratitude towards others? What are we doing to become good citizens of the world?



This race takes place every two years across the CNG campus. It is equal parts exhilarating and challenging. All students and parents are encouraged to participate in what is a fun morning an integration event as well as a fundraiser.

PTA Bazaar

The CNG Bazaar is our biggest event and the fundraiser for the rest of the events that take place throughout the year as well as an event to integrate the CNG community. The main purpose of the Bazaar is to Build Community by providing a space for our families and staff members to enjoy a wide range of attractions,  great food, games, live music, and many other activities including a small fair where any member of the community may apply to run their own stand.


It’s important for us as parents and educators to raise awareness with our students about keeping our Earth clean while promoting how to reduce our waste, reuse products, and recycle materials.  

The PTA started a plastic recycling campaign, an estimated of 300 kilos of plastic (equivalent to approximately 20,000 bottles have been recycled since we started our campaign in August 2018, making it possible to donate 2 picnic tables to the school made of our recycled plastic. 

Additionally to plastic bottles, schools use many markers, we started to promote recycling and repurposing of markers, instead of throwing them away. We have placed containers on all of the school offices, as well as at the Chimney Room, for our community members to recycle their markers. Together with plastic bottles, we want the recycling of markers to become part of our CNG program.



We sponsor the father's soccer team because we believe in the importance of parent involvement in school and strongly support the sporting spirit in our community. The father's soccer team has been Champions of Uncoli for the past 3 years!

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