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Throughout the years, the PTA has always focused on giving back to the CNG community and donating to further support the school and the students. We have made a variety of donations to both CNG and Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada, believing firmly in the educational value of these donations and the importance of supporting both schools in their individual missions.

The PTA’s main goal is to support all school areas. Throughout the year we sponsor many events that take place at school such as the Arts Festival, Neurodiversity day, Condor Families activities, teachers and staff christmas gifts,teachers day, the house system, and many more activities carried by our leadership team.

Additionally we have made significant donations to improve the overall experience of our students, teachers and parents.

Global Learning Studio

The Global Learning Studio was donated by the PTA to CNG to provide a space for students to learn through technology as well as explore the different ways in which they can communicate their knowledge. Focused on providing a completely interactive learning space, the GLS has movable desks and a variety of different screens as well as sound equipment to inspire students to completely immerse themselves in the learning experience.


New Curtains for Infirmary

The well being of our community is very important. We donated new curtains to ensure the privacy and well being of all those that seek medical attention.

Laser Printer for Maker Space

The Maker Space was donated to support the Innovation Learning Initiative at CNG. This space allows students and teachers to combine technology and artistic expression with traditional learning to create multimedia projects in every subject. Everything from Stop Motion technology to a 3D Printer to sculpting clay and Legos can be found in this space where students are challenged to prove their understanding in completely individually crafted projects.

The PTA donated a brand new laser printer to CNG in order to encourage students to create in different ways and with different materials.


New desks for the FHNG

In the 2016-2017 school year, we decided to make a donation of new desks to the FHNG in order to further the possibility of comfortable learning.


Security Cameras

The safety of our community members is very important. This is why we have donated the cameras that are located on the bridge to ensure the safety of our community.

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