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Every student at CNG is placed into a house when they enter the school. The house system is divided in four houses – Eagles (yellow), Falcons (green), Hawks (red), and Osprey (orange) – and strives to promote integration across grade levels and teamwork within the school community. The House system also provides opportunities for students to discover strengths and talents that might otherwise remain unknown. Houses compete for points throughout the year in activities such as sports, math quiz bowls, social studies debates, drama, dance, art, and literature in order to win the coveted trophy.

The House system is British in origin. Students are randomly sorted into three or four houses and they remain in their appointed house for the duration of each school life. Siblings who already have a brother or sister in a particular house are not randomly assigned because the system aims at creating unity rather than discord amongst family members. At the end of the year, the points of each house are added up and the winning house has their name and the year engraved on the House Cup, which stands as a symbol of the House’s effort and success.

House related activities require an enormous amount of dedication, organization and planning. There is at least one inter-house competition per marking period The House sponsors are responsible for conducting House assemblies and recording points earned for their House. The points are reported to the house coordinator who publishes them on a regular basis in the student announcements. The House coordinator works with the House sponsors, the principal, and other staff members in the organization and implementation of House activities. All faculty members are encouraged to show House spirit by wearing their House T-shirt; sit with their House; spread out to help with discipline rather than sitting with fellow teachers; and encourage students to participate in the House events.

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