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CNG Online Safety - Newsletter: Edition #8 - Smartphone & Social Media Agreements

Online Safety Guide to help CNG Parents how to tackle Online Safety challenges.


#8 - March, 12, 2023

New Devices

Smartphone & Social Media Agreements: What Parents, Educators & Students Need to know

In today's digital age, smartphones, and social media have become integral to our daily lives. They offer many benefits, such as connectivity, entertainment, and information access. However, as with any technology, there are potential risks and consequences associated with their use. Parents, educators, and students need to be aware of the agreements that come with these technologies to ensure safe and responsible usage. In this guide, we will explore the various smartphone and social media agreements that exist and what parents, educators, and students need to know to navigate them effectively.

Guidelines about where & when the device can be used

To create a social media contract for your family, consider when and where your child can use their device and set clear expectations. Involve your child in the process and listen to their concerns. Use clear language in the contract and reinforce positive behavior.

Encourage your child to stop and think before they post

To promote responsible social media use, encourage your child to think before posting and keep passwords private except for parents. As a parent, it is important to be responsible and fair in monitoring your child's social media activity without invading their privacy. By encouraging your child to consider their actions before posting, you can help guide them towards safe and appropriate online behavior.

Require permission to download

To ensure your child's safety and responsible app usage, require them to seek permission before downloading any apps, explaining why some apps may not be appropriate or have age restrictions.


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