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CNG Online Safety - Newsletter: Edition #6 - Amazon Alexa

Online Safety Guide to help CNG Parents how to tackle Online Safety challenges.


#7 - February, 19, 2023

New Devices


What Parents and Carers Need to Know about Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Artificial intelligence applications are now clearly in the spotlight thanks to the popularity of apps like ChatGPT. This cutting-edge machine-learning technology has limitless possibilities and will be a part of our future and our children's future for years to come. It was designed to make our lives easier and support routine chores.
It's crucial that we, as trusted adults, comprehend how these AI solutions operate, what they may be used for, and what possible risks they could engender. The prospects that these AI solutions provide are too great to be understated. This Edition explains what AI solutions are to trusted adults so that they will comprehend them.

Please check the guide NOS prepared.

- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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