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CNG Online Safety - Newsletter: Edition #1 - Fifa 23

Online Safety Guide to help CNG Parents how to tackle Online Safety challenges.


#1 - October, 23, 2022


Fifa 23

You don’t have to be football crazy or an avid gamer to have heard of the all-conquering FIFA franchise. What you might not know is that this latest edition will be the last release to bear that name, thanks to a parting of the ways between football’s governing body FIFA (that’s Federation Internationale de Football Association, acronym fans) and developers EA Sports.

There’s no disputing that the game’s been an immense success – but what’s less impressive is its tendency to look defensively shaky against some online threats. Young players aiming to recreate their football heroes’ exploits can be at risk from abusive opponents, expensive in-game purchases, and the “just one more game” mentality. This week's #WakeUpWednesday guide tackles FIFA 23.

Remember that you can join NOS - National Online Safety platform as a CNG Parent. Click here for more information.

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