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Elisa Vargas Library: FAQs

Your Go-To source for research projects and homework help.

FAQs Teachers

FAQ - Teachers


How do I reserve devices or a computer lab?

Send an email to EVL Reservations  Ana Maria Salas will be managing these reservations which will be visible to all on the EVL Google calendar.


Can I bring my classes to the EVL?

Yes, please do. We would love to have your classes working in the EVL. Email Lisa Habegger She will manage the calendar for main floor reservations. This calendar is visible on the EVL Home Page.


If I don’t have a reservation can I still bring my classes to the EVL?

If there is space, you and your classes are always welcome. Send a student or email to check for last minute availability.


Can I send students to the EVL during class time?

Yes, you can send 4 students to the EVL without supervision. Just fill out a green library pass and send it with the kids. Please note, this means 4 students in total, not 4 in each area.


How do I log into the library catalog (Destiny), the CRC (Curriculum Resource Center) or the the databases?

Use your Skyward login to access most school databases. World Book Online, ABC-CLIO, and the Primary Sources webpage have their own passwords. Please see the library staff for these.


How many items can I check out of the EVL?

For teachers, there are unlimited check outs. Naturally, we ask for timeliness in returning popular items as they are in high demand.


Can magazines be checked out?

Yes, magazine are checked out for two days or over the weekend.

FAQs Students

FAQ - Students


How many books can I check out?

You may check out 5 books for 3 weeks. Overdue fees (100 pesos a day) are charged for late returns.


Do you have audio books and DVDs?

We have a nice collection of audiobooks and DVDs. Audiobooks (Playaways) are checked out for a two week period. DVDs are checked out overnight or over the weekend. Overdue fees are charged for late returns. (500 peso a day for Playaways and DVDs.)


Do you charge overdue fees?

Yes. See above.


What happens if I have overdue fees?

You can pay your fines to any EVL staff member. If you have outstanding fines or overdue books you will not be able to check out any additional materials from the EVL until your account is cleared.


Can I eat and drink in the EVL?

Only water is allowed.



I know how to use Destiny, the library catalog, but how do I locate the book?

Look for the Call # in the book record. There is a prefix that indicates in which collection the book is located. Here is the key to the prefix codes:


LJE = Literatura Juvevnil Espanol

JF = Junior Fiction

FIC = Adult Fiction

YA FIC = Young Adult Fiction

B = Biography

SC = Story Collection (Short Stories)

REF = Reference


All nonfiction books have a number that indicates the topic of the book. There are shelf labels and charts on the nonfiction shelves that help you find your way.


Are there any other rules I should know about?

We do have a few behavioral guidelines that help make the EVL a place that is conducive to thinking and learning. Here they are:


Please stow your backpacks in the cubbies by the entrance. Alas, we don’t have the floor space to host a bunch of kiddos AND their stuff.

 Do not talk on your cell phone inside the EVL . . .  not even to mom.

Use voices that do not disrupt those who are concentrating. Loud is for outside.

Bring, with you to the EVL, EVERYTHING you need to complete your assignments. There are no pencils, no markers, no paper availble for students to borrow. .sorry kiddos




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