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CNG Rights & Responsibilities



  • Students have the right to have a safe and respectful educational environment guided by the CNG Vision, Mission, Core Values, and philosophical statements.

  • Students are entitled to be elected as and elect representatives of the student governing bodies such as Student Council and Personero and thus participate in decision-making processes when appropriate.

  • Students have a right to Due Process in case of disciplinary action, ensuring compliance with Law 1098 of 2006, Art. 26.

  • Students have a right to receive complete and timely information about the rules, regulations, and procedures that govern the School.

  • Students have a right to a comprehensive education, with equal opportunities for all, and without experiencing any form of discrimination.

  • Students have the right to freely express their concerns, make suggestions, and state com- plaints through the appropriate channels of communication.

  • Students have the right to appropriately utilize spaces and facilities such as the library,sports fields and courts, laboratories, cafeteria, computer rooms, theatre, etc., according to the schedules and regulations governing these spaces.

    • Students have the right to be heard in the presence of their parents or guardians, when a formal disciplinary process is open.

    • Students have a right to achieve a satisfactory academic performance in response to the development of their individual capabilities.

• Students have a right to receive a holistic education in the courses in which they are enrolled, completed by all necessary aids, and according to the established schedule.

• Students have the right to receive a quality education with the integration of science and technology, specifically through the application of 21st Century skills.

• Students have the right to be evaluated in a timely manner and in accordance with the parameters set by the School.

• Students have a right to know and analyze their individual assessment results.

• Students have a right to be awarded distinctions specific to their ability and skills.

• Students have the right to develop and apply appropriate research skills.

• Students have a right to recreation and participation in competitions or other activities in the School program, as well as to represent the School in academic, cultural, and sporting events.

• Students have the right to religious freedom in accordance with what is established by Colombia’s National Constitution and the philosophy of the School.

• Students have the right to promote an environment that reflects the School’s Core Values as well as conducive to loyalty, respect, gratitude,and belonging to the School.

• Senior students (grade 12) have the right to participate in the Andean Committee, in compliance with the Andean Policies intended for this.
Andean Policies.




  • It is the responsibility of students to accept and follow CNG’s Code of Honor and Disciplinary Policy at all times and in all places. Students must abide by the academic and disciplinary rules, regulations, and procedures established by the School.

  • Students are responsible for complying with the academic norms and rules of conduct, and with all rules, regulations, and proceedings established by the School.

  • Students are responsible for acknowledging and respecting the rights of all others, as they would expect for themselves.

  • Students are responsible for attending school and classes punctually according to the days established on the CNG School Calendar.

  • Students are responsible for purposefully developing and providing a respectful and polite environment for all members of the educational community, especially toward faculty/staff.

  • Students are responsible for preserving and taking care of their personal belongings and those of the School.

  • Students are responsible for complying with the civic and social obligations that correspond to their individual development and to be educated in the responsible exercise of their rights (Art. 15, Law 1098 of 2006).

Statement on Student Rights Related to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity as Aligned with Colombian Law

As stated in our CNG Honor Code and Disciplinary Policy since 2010:

Listed as a Serious Offense: Expressing intolerance relating to race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sex, gender expression, or personal orientation.


R&R_ CNG Policy Statement


As officially outlined in Colombian law for schools and other institutions, CNG policies reflect our school’s ongoing commitment to the following :

  1. Respecting the rights of all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and;

  2. Providing active protection for students to help prevent and strongly address any kind of discrimination, harassment, violence, aggression, bullying, or exclusion by other students or from members of the school community.

CNG’s policy statement conforms to Article-16 of the Colombian Constitution, which states: “All persons have the right to free development of personality, with no other limitations than those imposed by the rights of others and by the legal system.”

Colombian law also regards individuals with diverse gender identity as part of a minority that has been historically discriminated against and excluded, even within the LGBT community. As a result, the protections provided to all CNG students exist not only to prevent them from being victims of any type of discrimination but also to allow them their legal right to fully and freely develop their personal sexual orientation and gender identity.

Approved by the CNG Board of Directors Policy Adopted on September 5, 2016


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