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CNG Rights & Responsibilities

R&R_Community Members


At Colegio Nueva Granada, all the members of our community are valued and respected in their different roles and diverse background sand beliefs. Students, parents, and faculty/staff have the right to express their concerns in a respectful and proper manner.

It is the responsibility of each of us to cooperate in the fulfillment of CNG’s Vision, Mission,Core Values, and philosophical statements and to understand and accept the Code of Honor and Disciplinary Policy which outline the rules, regulations, and procedures established by the School to ensure a safe educational environment for all.

CNG believes that all community members should be held responsible for their conduct and accept the consequences of their actions.

R&R_Data Protection as per Colombian and International Law


Misuse of Confidential Information

Professionalism and discretion should be used in conversation at all times.

Confidential information about school matters should only be discussed with the parties involved. Confidential information concerning children and their families should not be discussed when non‐staff members are present.

The use of student’s family information such as addresses, telephone numbers, e‐mails, and places of work is considered confidential and must only be used for contacting parents regarding their children or official school matters.

The personal phone numbers of faculty/ staff members are private and are considered confidential information for faculty/staff use only.

Personal information of alumni should only be given out by the Director of Alumni Affairs and Development once the request has been screened as to who and why the information is requested.

No parent, student, faculty/staff, alumni, or other CNG community member can use the school database for personal reasons or to advertise any product.

Likewise, CNG has the following high expectations in regards to stakeholder Rights and Responsibilities:


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