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CNG House System: House Leaders

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We are delighted to acknowledge and celebrate the exemplary leadership exhibited by our dedicated House Leaders during this first semester. Their unwavering commitment to fostering a sense of community has truly set the tone for a remarkable school year. Through three collaborative meetings, these leaders have not only demonstrated exceptional organizational skills but have also proven to be instrumental in shaping a positive and inclusive environment.

The impact of our House Leaders extends far beyond the walls of the classrooms. Their visionary ideas have been instrumental in the successful execution of various community-building activities, such as Houses Families gatherings, Thanksgiving events, March of Hearts, and internal competitions. By incorporating our core values as the foundation of these activities, they have seamlessly integrated our guiding principles into the fabric of each event, fostering a sense of unity and pride among students, staff, and families.

In the spirit of collaboration and community-building, our House Leaders have not only embraced their roles but have elevated them to a level that goes beyond expectation. Their dedication to promoting the core values of our school shines through in every initiative, leaving an indelible mark on the entire school community. As we reflect on this first semester, we express our heartfelt gratitude to these leaders for their outstanding contributions to the growth and cohesion of our school.

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