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High School Publications: IDEAS


IDEAS is a High School publication book that gives the CNG community the opportunity to appreciate the hard work of high school students. It explores the multifaceted academic experience that our school provides. It is a space to acknowledge the works of some of the writers, artists, and creative minds of this school.
The material in this book is collected from several different classes and demonstrates the literary work of students in a multilingual environment, including English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin publications. Not only does this edition contain works of all genres and languages, it also includes paintings, photographs, drawings, and other forms of artwork from our many art classes. The combination of physical artwork and literary art, demonstrates the important parallel and necessary balance between these two art forms. 

IDEAS - Issue 9

IDEAS - Issue 8

IDEAS - Issue 6

IDEAS - Issue 4

IDEAS - Issue 2

IDEAS - Issue 7

IDEAS - Issue 5

IDEAS - Issue 3

IDEAS - Issue 1

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