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Primary Library: Teachers and Parents

Welcome 2021-2022




Inspire their love for reading

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We're here to 'help those who teach'. It's what brings us to work every day.

We're proud to create educational resources that can be used at each step of a child's learning journey.

Our teacher-created resources provide entire schemes of work, lesson planning and assessments right through to online educational games, augmented reality and so much more.

We have over 525,000 resources and new content gets added every day. You'll find we've normally got what you need before you even know you want it.

Logging steps:

  1. Follow the link on the TWINKL picture or this link
  2. Click on "sign in" top right side of the new window.
  3. Use these logging credentials:   
    1. USERNAME:
    2. PASSWORD:     pslibrary
    3. Surf these educational resources with a "BASIC PRIMARY TEACHER" profile.


***You can also create a new profile or a new account if you wish, through "JOIN", on top of the new window.****

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