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Destiny catalog

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox recomended for these web pages.


Library catalog usage instructions

1. Follow this link.

2. On the top right corner, select "Log in"; each user will be redirected to its main library site, once logged in.

  • Staff members and students from 3rd to 12th grade must use their CNG email credentials in order to enjoy full capacity of the library catalog. (Same used in Classlink)


  • CNG parents must use their registered email at the library as username, and their CE, Cedula Number, or Passport number as password.

Enjoy our library resources.

Destiny Discover Tools

Destiny Discover has two Google Chrome tools.

The first one, show on Google web browser, searches results from our library catalog on book titles and databases resources.

The other one can be used to add relevant search results(web pges and other things) to our library collections.


1. Destiny extension

Follow this link to add this extension to Google Chrome

This tool will show us, search results of book titles and databases results directly from our library catalog in the Chrome web browser.


2. Bookmarklet

The bookmarklet makes it easy to save in our collections, web resources from the web.

To install the bookmarklet, first you need to create a collection in Destiny discover. When you are doing it....

You can install the bookmarklet by doing either of the following:

  • Select Add Item icon. > Install the bookmarklet. Then, click and drag "Add to Collections" to your browser's bookmarks toolbar.

In order to be able to use the Bookmarklet, the "Bookmarks toolbar" must be enabled.


Add Item pop-up with Install the bookmarklet link.


  • On your Profile page, click Install the Bookmarklet. Then, click and drag "Add to Collections" to your browser's bookmarks toolbar.

    Add to Collections bookmarklet.

Don't forget, these tools are only available for Google Chrome web browser.


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