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Curriculum Resource Center

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"In the 21st century, Library inherent obligation to provide information services to support the educational, recreational, personal, and economic undertakings for the Library users in the digital age changed a lot: Wikipedia is everything, Google is awesome, social network is good for assignments, messaging better than e-mail [e-mail is so yesterday: it’s old people and teachers!] If information is not at the front page, it probably isn’t worthwhile anyway; “good enough” is good enough, and FREE is good, downloading is OK as long as you are not selling it and get caught.

For now, we need to continue to work with our library users of all programs and all levels by providing up-to-date traditional resources and eResources via LIRN electronic databases, to make library tours mandatory for each course’ students. It is important that faculty post and student use the Library holdings to encourage the life-long learning."

Ida Tomshinsky
Library Director
Florida National University

Curriculum Resource Center - Colegio Nueva Granada

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Alonso Chavarriaga


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