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Building Community and Belonging at CNG

  CNG was established in 1938 as the first school of its kind in Colombia -- a co-educational, dual U.S./Colombian program, non-sectarian, bilingual and multinational school. Our institutional DNA was founded on a belief system that values the strength of diversity, recognizes the uniqueness of each individual, and understands the importance of creating a school community where everyone feels a strong sense of belonging. Our Board of Directors remains committed to strengthening our programs and services to provide equitable access to opportunities and a highly inclusive environment for all community members based on our CNG Philosophy and Board Policy priorities as follows:


  • Providing a safe, nurturing, and friendly environment for all students and community members;
  • Recognizing the uniqueness and worth of each child and adult;
  • Imparting an understanding of the complexity and interdependence of people, cultures, and the environment;
  • Understanding and appreciating persons belong to the many social, cultural, religious, and national groups different than one’s own;
  • Learning to be a responsible citizen, aware and responsive to the needs of others; and
  • Preparing for and living in a world of rapid change.


As the Board of Directors, we believe that in order for all individuals to achieve their fullest potential for excellence, CNG must strive for Inclusive Excellence and a strong sense of belonging for everyone in our community.



Our mission of motivating all students to reach their individual potential for excellence fully aligns with our core values of celebrating and honoring each person’s uniqueness. We are committed to embracing diversity in all of its forms – race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sex, gender expression, or personal orientation.  We believe that by understanding and respecting our individual and collective differences, we are stronger as a community in creating a genuine sense of belonging for all. As a learning community, we are committed to building a school culture that celebrates unique backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences to create an environment that helps bring out the best in each one of us.





A community that draws on the widest possible pool of talent to unify excellence and diversity. One that fully embraces individuals from varied backgrounds, cultures, races, identities, life experiences, perspectives, beliefs, and values.

- From the Harvard University Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging


Diversity is about who we are individually and how each person has different characteristics that make us unique.

Equity seeks to ensure equal access to opportunity for everyone despite different circumstances by providing resources and services tailored to meet each person’s specific needs.

Inclusion is about creating an environment where diversity is valued and celebrated, and where all people are supported to participate fully within the community.

Belonging is the feeling of being accepted, recognized, and included by those around you. Belonging means to have a sense of social connection and identification with others.

From the DEIB Glossaries of Harvard University HR, (ISC)² Organization, and the National Association of Counties



Dr. Eric H. Habegger

CNG Director

Lili Borrero

Director of Learning Programs


Ron Sisson

Elementary School Principal

Tiffany Touma

High School Pre-AP English/SGDA Advisor

Renee Elmore

PS Intervention Specialist/Coach

Cristina Casas

Middle School Estudios Colombianos

Kristie Hudson

Middle School English Teacher/Spectrum Club Advisor

Felipe Merizalde

High School Counselor

Alejandro Cabrales

Student Representative, 2023-2024 Elected Personero 

Carlota López

Student Representative, 2023-2024 Elected Cabildante  




Dr. Derrick Gay



Dr. Emily Meadows




Resources for Classrooms

Diversity Resources for Educators




Cultivate Diverse and Inclusive Communities









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