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CNG Visual Identity: Brand Platform

Our CNG promise highlights the essence of the school in the hearts and minds of our stakeholders and captures in simple terms our primary deliverables.

Brand Promise 


The actions of our teachers, their students, staff, and community members help define the core human traits associated with CNG and differentiate us from peer schools in Bogota, the broader region, and internationally.

Brand Personality 

  • Growth mindset within a world of opportunities
    • Social and environmental responsibility
      • Caring and committed community
      • Joyous and passionate learning
        • Healthy habits for self and life
          • Principled Global Leadership
            • Transformational Leadership 
              • Creative and critical thinkers
                • Holistic education
                  • Value in diversity


Our drivers represent our school’s core messages and the competitive advantages that uniquely position CNG ahead of its peers for continuous improvement in innovative education.  

Brand Drivers 

  • Dynamic combination of Honored Tradition and Visionary Future


  • Relentless pursuit of excellence


  • DIFFERENTIATION: Helping all individuals reach their unique potential for excellence 


  • Pioneers in educational innovation 


  • Service-mindedness 


The five key objectives outlined below define CNG´s onoing strategy for achieving higher levels of student and school performance aligned to our Vision, Mission, and Philosophy. Additionally, the verbatim excerpts provided with each major objective reflect the official AdvancED re-accreditation report from October 2016 in which the school achieved the highest Index of Education Quality (IEQ) in Latin America. The coherency between CNG’s target objectives and these AdvancED report statements demonstrate a significant alignment between the strategic objectives of the school and the external evaluation findings of the six-member evaluation team with educational experience in 15 different countries.



​​“The school's philosophy and the three pillars are carefully guarded in that all practices and policies support and ensure the beliefs remain as the school's compass and foundational base.”


“Together over the past five years, the school´s leadership and Board of Directors have transformed the school by creating policies and providing resources to ensure the intent of the policies realized.
With their (the Board of Directors) collective knowledge and expertise in finance, organizational effectiveness, law and education, this group of leaders has the vision and determination to continue to guide the school to achieve and flourish.”


“CNG has an outstanding faculty and staff who are excited about the school’s direction and very dedicated to its students and to each other. Goodness, kindness, and excellence are exuded throughout the school - the staff are high quality and show their respect and dedication to students and each other. “


“Students were observed to be happy, respectful and enthusiastic about their learning and being students at CNG. Students in their own words articulated the CNG Way during interview sessions and classroom observations; their positive attitudes towards learning and each other were clear indicators of their understanding of the school’s expectations, beliefs, and purpose.“


"Given the school's current leadership, staff, and supportive community, the school will continue to thrive and offer students a quality education in an environment that deeply cares about each individual. This is truly an exciting time for CNG and its entire school community. "

Colegio NUEVA GRANADA | | Cra 2E No. 70-20 | Phone: (571)212 3511
Bogotá - Colombia