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The Templeton Character Award for Latin American Schools: Job Fairs


CNG Recruiting Team:

Dr. Eric H. Habegger – Director

Mrs. Elizabeth Knox – Primary School Principal

Ms. Julie Hunt – Elementary School Principal

Mr. Matt Horne – Middle School Principal

Ms. Shaysann Kaun – High School Principal

Ms. Jodie Rommel - Learning Center Director

Mr. Michael Gohde - Middle School Associate Principle and Director of Co-Curricular Programs


Recruiting Fairs for School Year 2016-2017:

AASSA Recruiting Fair: Dec. 1-4

ISS Fair in Atlanta: Dec. 4-6

Search Associates Fair in Toronto: December 9-11

ISS Bangkok: January 5-8

Search Associate Bangkok: January 8-11

Search Associates Fair in Boston: January 26-29

UNI Fair in Waterloo, Iowa: February 1-5

ISS Recruiting Fair in San Francisco: February 9-12

Search Associates Fair in San Francisco: February 10-13


Colegio NUEVA GRANADA | | Cra 2E No. 70-20 | Phone: (571)212 3511
Bogotá - Colombia