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Middle School: Grade 6 Country Culture


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Books on Religion


Country Culture Research Task

*MANDATORY QUESTIONS of at least one paragraph with examples:


  • Did a major religion start in your country?  If so, explain the origins of this religion and if it spread out of your country and why. OR
  • How did the major religion of your country spread/diffuse to your country? AND

2. How does your COUNTRY fit into a world region?


*OTHER QUESTIONS:  Answer on your mind map, any of the 2 questions below:


  1. How do food and celebrations display their culture?
  2. Was language already diffused there or did it start there?
  3. Describe norms and taboos of the country.
  4. Explain how their traditional clothing, dance, and/ or music displays their culture.
  5. Pick some examples from your mind map and explain how it is an example of visible or invisible culture.
  6. Explain connections of at least 2 of your categories from your mind map.

Skimming & Scanning

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EasyBib Bibliography Creator - Google Workspace Marketplace

All students have the EasyBib citation creator Add-on installed in Google Docs.

Google Doc > Add-ons > EasyBib Bibliography Creator > Manage Bibliography

Books on Countries of the World

These are just a few ......we have a book on almost every country. Ask your librarian.

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