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Middle School: Evaluating Information Using the C.R.A.A.P. Test


Cartoon Analysis:

Analyze the cartoon and, on a post-it, write an explanation of why evaluating information on the web is important when doing research.


Today we will evaluate 2 sources using the C.R.A.A.P. test. You will decide which one is more reliable for your needs.



What caused the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to form?

EasyBib Add-on




Video - Accuracy

Applying the CRAAP Test

Applying the C.R.A.A.P. Test

Currency: The timeliness of the information.

Is the information recent enough for your topic? 

Yes / No


Relevance: The importance of the information for your needs.

Does the information relate to your topic or answer your question? 

Yes / No


Is the information at an appropriate level (i.e. not too easy or not too hard)? 

Yes / No


Authority: The source of the information.

Is there an author/publisher/source/sponsor? Are they qualified to write about the topic?

Yes / No


Does the URL tell you something about the website? examples: .com .edu  .gov .org .net 

Yes / No


Is there contact information such as a publisher’s address or an email address?



Accuracy: The reliability, truthfulness, and correctness of the informational content.

Is the information supported by evidence

Yes / No


Does the writing seem unbiased and free of emotion?  (political, cultural, religious, institutional, or personal biases)

Yes / No


Is the information free of spelling errors?  

Yes / No


Purpose: The reason the information exists. 

Is the purpose of the information clear? (to inform; to  teach; to sell; to entertain; to persuade)

Yes / No


Does the author/sponsor make their purpose clear?

Yes / No


Does the point of view appear objective and impartial? or it it biased?

Yes / No


0-8 Don’t use.  9-10 Don’t base your project on this one. Some supporting facts would be good. 

11 -12  A good choice. 


____  / 12



CSU, Chico Merriam Library. (2012, October). ReSearch Station. Retrieved from


Purpose Video

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