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Elementary Library: 3rd Grade

Shannon Coyne

3rd grade


What should I read next?


Meet the World’s Funniest First Grader—Junie B. Jones! Room One is getting ready for their very own Thanksgiving feast! There’s even a contest to see which room can write the best thankful list. The winners will get a pumpkin pie! Only it turns out being thankful is harder than it looks. Because Junie B. is not actually thankful for Tattletale May. Or scratchy pilgrim costumes. And pumpkin pie makes her vomit, anyway. Will Room One win the disgusting pie? Can May and Junie B. find common ground? Or will this Thanksgiving feast turn into a Turkey Day disaster? (AMAZON)

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Great chapter books for third grade

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 Cover of Marty McGuire Image result for keena books Image result for ivy and bean Image result for the year of billy miller Image result for zeke meeks Image result for soupy saturdays books 


Bink and Gollie

Meet Bink and Gollie, two precocious little girls — one tiny, one tall, and both utterly irrepressible.


Need a great book? Watch this!

I have my share of problems.


  1. My little sister sings terrible princess songs ALL THE TIME!
  2. I’m terrified of bugs.
  3. I’m even more terrified of Grace Chang and her evil fingernails.
  4. I’m stuck living with a bunch of girls because my dad is a soldier away on a mission.
  5. My teacher, Mr. McNutty, is a little, well, nutty.

Must reads


Just Right Books

 Third graders may check out 4 books. The library and third grade teachers like to encourage their students to check out at least one chapter book that takes them a few days to read.  This builds up their reading stamina, vocabulary, and attentiveness to a more developed story. 


A "Just Right" book  means a book that is not too hard and not too easy; it is one that they can read and understand mostly on their own.  Reading "Just Right" books helps the student become more fluent and a better reader.  To find a "Just Right" book, students are taught the 5 Finger Test.


5 Finger Test 

Open the book to any page and start reading. For every word that you don't know or understand hold up one finger.  If at the end of the page you have

0 fingers the book is too easy
1-2 fingers the book is just right
 fingers the book is too hard


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