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Elisa Vargas Library: Developing a Thesis

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Thesis as an Equation

 Thesis as an Equation

Specific topic  +

 Attitude/Angle/Argument Thesis

What you plan to argue +

 How you plan to argue it = Thesis


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Thesis Generators


How to Write a Killer Thesis Statement



Attributes of a Strong Thesis

A good thesis statment is:

  • Specific - Do not make your thesis statement so general that is doesn't mean very much. Avoid ambiguous or vague world and sweeping claims.
  • Clear -You know what your thesis means, but will someone else? Try reading it to a friend and see whether he/she knows what you are getting at.
  • Unified - Do you list several points without showing their connection? A good thesis makes on strong point, not many unrelated ones.
  • Brief - A thesis statement should be one or two sentences in length. If it is longer than that, you are trying to say too much. You do not have to list all your up-coming arguments in your thesis statement.
  • Visible - Is your thesis hidden away where your reader may not see it? Usually, but not always, your thesis will be at the beginning or end of your introductory paragraph.
  • Argumentative - A thesis statement presents an argument; it does not restate the topic. You should make an assertion which you then attempt to prove in the body of your essay. you can tell that your thesis is argumentative if it is debatable - that is, if you can think of a counter-argument.
  • Relevant - Is your thesis on topic? Does it accurately capture what you argue in your essay?
  • Interesting - Will your reader want to read the rest of your essay? Do you make your argument sound important?

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