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INTO THE WOODS: Chapter 5: Dance Rehearsals

Hello! I’m a squirrel that lives in the heart of the enchanted forest. I want to tell you all about the dances you will witness in our musical. Our forest, once a quiet haven, became alive with the rhythmic energy of collaboration. Every student is key in creating the magic of our woods through movement. From the very beginning, as the auditions unfolded, the students delved into the mysteries of choreography, learning key phrases of the opening dance. During the rehearsal process, students began with a demanding physical warm-up to get their bodies and minds ready. During those early rehearsals steps were learned and formations created to represent the story being told. 

The creation of Cinderella's ball presented a unique challenge, the music having a difficult time-signature. Yet, the students rose to the occasion creating a magical festival. In the final rehearsals, we began to “clean”—a meticulous process ensuring each step and formation is precise and done correctly by every performer. The students did an incredible job developing their skills and growing as performers through this process. 

In the end, as the curtain of the enchanted woods is lifted, the students have woven a tapestry of magic through their movements, creating a spectacle that resonates with the very spirit of our enchanted home.

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