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CNG Living Experience : Colombia and Bogota: Traveling Colombia


Colombia has five completely different regions, each of which offers a wide variety of experiences. Each one of the regions brings something completely different to the table, rendering each one of them an area worth exploring. In this page we hope to help you cross some of Colombia's paradises of your bucket list, and above all inspire you to add more. 

The Pacific Region

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia 

Driving through Colombia

There are many destinations in Colombia you can reach by just jumping in a car and driving towards them. The roads from Bogota to Medellin have recently been improved. From Bogota it is also possible to get to Pereira and even all the way to Santa Marta (this will be a longer trip, so prepare to spend a night somewhere in the middle). Other than cities there are many beautiful towns relatively near Bogota that you can spend long weekends exploring. Barichara, Villa de Leyva, Raquira, and Suesca are just a few. Additionally, you can drive up to the small towns on that lie right on the edges of the city for day trips to famous locations like the Salt Cathedrals in Zipaquira. 

CNG offers help for any staff members who would like to get a drivers license. Below you can find the form where all instructions are given for this endeavor. 

Colombian Driver's License - First Time/Renewal

Tayrona National Park

Photo by: Ben Bowes

Subterranean Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira

Photo by: ProColombia

Catedral Las Lajas

Photo by: GameOfLight

Treck to Ciudad Perdida


Making Calls

For calling from landline to mobile phone: Dial 03 before cell number

For calling cell phone to landline: Dial 031 before landline number

For calling mobile to mobile phone: Only dial cell phone number.

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La Tierra del Olvido

The Amazon Rainforest

Photo from:

Caño Cristales: The 5 Color River

Photo by: Mariela Campos 

Flying within Colombia

The El Dorado airport in Bogota is ranked amongst the 50 busiest in the world in terms of both passengers and cargo. Additionally, it was ranked as the best airport in South America and took 46th place in the world in the 2016 Top 100 Airports list. Adjacent to the main area of the airport is the "Puente Aereo" an area where only Avianca (Colombia's main airline) planes land and depart to exclusively national destinations. If you wish to travel into the areas of Colombia that would be more difficult to reach by land, air travel is always the best option. The tickets are generally very affordable and you can comfortably reach destinations within every region of the country. 

Photo by: DLC

The Plains

Photo by: Jaime Otoniel Perez 

Cities of Colombia and their Wonders

Barranquilla Carnival

Photo by: Carnaval de Barranquilla S.A

Black and White Carnival in Nariño

Photo by: Agencia los Andes

Salsa World Carnival in Cali

Photo by: Compania Artística Rucafe

Santa Marta's Coastline

Photo by:

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