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Curriculum Resource Center: Self Checkin Station

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Dear students,

We will facilitate the textbook and classroom books self check-in process (NOT EVL BOOKS), by setting up a self check-in station in the EVL entrance.

This process should help to streamline the “Final signout sheet” process.

To participate follow these simple steps:

  1. Take your textbook/classroom (English and/or Spanish) books to the self check-in station located on the front desk in the EVL entrance.

  1. Place your books and/or textbooks with the “Curriculum Resource Center” barcode under the scanner light, and wait for the “beep” sound from the scanner.

  1. On the computer screen or the big TV-monitor you will be able to see the transaction result displayed for a few seconds.
  2. Stack the book(s) neatly on the front desk.


Colegio NUEVA GRANADA | | Cra 2E No. 70-20 | Phone: (571)212 3511
Bogotá - Colombia