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Primary Library: Primary School library announcement

Dear CNG Community,
The end of the school year is approaching very quickly and the Primary Library is getting ready to close due to its annual inventory. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS with the following important dates so you can plan ahead:
v May 14-21: Last 6 days for ALL student check outs.
v May 29: Last day to return ALL books and materials. Library classes will take place normally. 
v May 21, 22, 23Used Book Fair by FHNG and Summer

Teachers may take students any time during these 3 days. Parents are welcome!
v May 29: Last day for library classes.
v May 30: Inventory begins (Library closes).
v June 14: Inventory closes. Last day for students.
 vPlease keep in mind that the charge for any lost or damaged book is $50,000 pesos.

vLost or damaged bags are $25,000 pesos.


** Once again, the libraries have agreed not to sponsor a CNG Library book fair at the end of this school year. However, we know how much the community values the used book sale. Mereke Carrizosa and the volunteers from the FHNGwill be in charge.
** Suggested titles for the summer readings are on our PS Library webpage. Please keep in mind that these books will also be sold at the book fair. Moreover, for parents who wish to start browsing and buying, the lists are already uploaded at Prices range between $19,000 - $50,000 pesos.

Warm regards,
Maria del Rosario & Maria Margarita


PS Library

Summer reading recommendations

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