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21st c Teaching & Learning (MakerSpace & More): Project-Based Learning

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Features Shared by Great PBLs

The best projects have the following qualities. They:

  • are loosely designed with the possibility of different learning paths
  • are generative, causing students to construct meaning
  • center on a driving question or are otherwise structured for inquiry
  • capture student interest through complex and compelling real-life or simulated experiences
  • are realistic, and therefore cross multiple disciplines
  • reach beyond school to involve others
  • tap rich dat or primary sources
  • are structured so students learn with and from each other
  • have students working as inquiring experts might expect
  • get at 21st-century skills and literacies, including communication, project management, and technology use
  • get at important learning dispositions, including persistence, risk-taking, confidence, resilience, self-reflection, and cooperation
  • have students learn by doing

excerpt from: 

Reinventing project-based learning [electronic resource] : Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age by Suzie Boss available on CNG's Overdrive collection

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