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Middle School: Grade 7 Synthetics



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Science News for Students:

Search term: Plastics,  Readability 6.0-7.9, Earth & Environment topic:



(these links should be directly available while you’re on school campus - otherwise you’ll have to sign into Gale via Skyward)


Search term: Plastic

    Found: 27 videos, 461 audio files, 155 reference book articles, 7,799 magazine articles, over 13,000 newspaper articles


Search term: Synthetic

    Found: 10 videos, 101 audio files, 261 Reference Book articles, over 3000 magazine articles


Search Terms: Plastic AND clothing AND harm (all searched for Entire Document)

    Found: 6 audio files, 5 reference files, 57 news articles, 64 magazine articles,


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