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Middle School: Grade 7 Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations

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World book


Google vs Databases

Evaluating Information


Skim & Scan SLideshow

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SPICE Analysis

Society/ Social Class

Can include socioeconomic groups,; cass/caste; racial & ethnic; family & gender roles & relations; systems of forced labor (indenture, slavery,etc.); associations (guilds, etc), religious groups


Political structures and forms of governance, legal systems, political interest groups/factions); power bases; functions of states; nationalism; revolts & revolutions, regional and global structures.

Interactions between Human/ Environment

Human impact on environment; environment impact on culture; natural, human, technological resources; demography, patterns of movement and settlement, disease, population growth, decline; technology & innovation, rise of agriculture & manufacturing.


The arts, literature, philosophy, architecture, math & science, belief systems, religions, ethical and moral values, ideologies.


Creation, expansion, & interaction of economic systems; natural, human, technological & capital resources; agricultural & pastoral production; trade & commerce; labor systems.




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