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Middle School: Grade 6 Human Rights

Human Rights

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Grade 6 Social Studies : Human Rights

Teachers: Mr. Kopf and Mr. Nick

Current Events Page

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Current Human Rights Recommended Websites

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Human Rights Website from UNICEF


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Human Right Magazine

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Museum Exhibit on Human Rights

Human Rights Museum Exhibit

“Educating the youth on Human Rights”



Throughout history Human Rights have been discussed, debated, threatened, abused, or even ignored. As is often the case with history, and with something as important as Human Rights, a museum opens to display what has happened throughout time and to educate people about the issue. The Smithsonian Museum is opening a new museum on Human Rights. They want you to create an exhibit to present to a group of 3rd grade students who will be visiting your museum in a few weeks. The exhibit should be a case study of either a specific historical event (ex: Vietnam War) and the many different Human Right abuses ~ or ~ a case study focusing on a Human Right and identifying different historical events that all have abused this Right.


Research and Planning

  1. Research an event (current or historical) in which a HR was threatened or abused


  1. Pick a Human Right and search for examples around the world where the right was abused


Museum Exhibit

A Museum Exhibit is something you create (either digital, free standing, or both) that will fit on 2 student desks and displays your case study of a Human Rights abuse. The Museum Exhibit should include at least 2 Primary Sources. For each Primary Source you will need to create an Exhibit Description which is a summary or explanation of what the Primary Source is, and how/why it demonstrates the abuse of Human Rights in your case study.


Primary & Secondary Sources


WorldBook Widgets


Rwanda and Genocide

South African Apartheid





The Holocaust WWII



Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge



USA Japanese Interment during WWII

EVL Books - Human Rights Issues

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