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Middle School: Grade 8 Applying the Constitution - Opposing Viewpoints


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Applying the Constitution and Opposing Viewpoints

As we reflect back on this unit, we have focused a lot on opposing viewpoints and how the Constitution and laws can be interpreted in order to support those viewpoints. We have also looked at how a government meets the needs of a nation with the consequence that it can’t always make everyone happy. In order to put your knowledge and skills to use, you will need to use the following questions to research and show a current issue in which the government is trying to meet the needs of the nation. Here is what you need to think about:

  • What is a current U.S. issue with opposing viewpoints? (Ex: Legalization of Marijuana)

  • What are the opposing viewpoints? In what ways are people using the State or Federal laws/Constitution to strengthen their argument?

  • What is the federal government's response? (How is the government meeting the needs of the nation?)

Step 1: Choose an issue with opposing viewpoints.

Step 2: Research this issue using the CNG Library resources and create an outline that shows the evidence each side is using to make their argument stronger.

Step 3: Explain the government’s response to this issue. This will most likely involve the State and Federal governments’ responses. (Include in the outline)

Step 4: Include your opinion and evidence in the outline.

Step 5: Show a visualized version of your outline in an infographic that you will share with the class.


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