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Middle School: Grade 7 Religions of the World

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Religions/Belief Systems of the World Research Task

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Religions/Belief Systems of the World Research Task


Your task is to do formal research to become an expert on one of the religions/belief systems listed below in order to teach your peers about one of the many religions/belief systems in the world. In doing your research, you will only be allowed to use the library databases or books available in the library. We will spend 2 days in the library researching and learning about the library resources.


You will also be using a tool called “EasyBib” both to help you to do your research, as well as organize your notes and sources as you are working. Mrs. Habegger will work with you on this when we go to the EVL.


You will become an expert on one of the following religions/belief systems

  • Hinduism

  • Baha’i

  • Shintoism

  • Confucianism

  • Taoism

  • Buddhism

  • Jainism

  • Sikhism

  • Islam

  • Judaism

  • Christianity


As you do your research, you will work to answer the following questions in the following categories:

Background information: Who is the founder? When was it founded? Approximately how many followers are there in the world? Where do the followers of this religion mostly live? What are followers of this religion called?

Beliefs: Who is the deity in this religion? What are some of the basic beliefs that someone should know about this religion?

Vision: What is their vision for the world? For their religion? What are they looking to achieve for themselves and/or for others?

Sacred Texts: What is their sacred text? Do those texts provide specific rules about how to live life? Things that you can or cannot do?

Eat: Are there any dietary restrictions? Typical foods? Why? How are they associated with the religion?

Challenges/Criticism: Are there major challenges this religion is currently facing? Are there major criticisms about this religion?

Rituals: Are there specific religious rituals or ceremonies? Who takes part in them? What do they mean?

Holidays: What are important holidays in the religion? What do they represent?

Feel: What are some stereotypes of this group? How do those stereotypes make them feel (are they positive stereotypes? Are they negative stereotypes?)

Quotes: What are some important quotes related to or from this religion that someone should know?

Other information: Did you come across any other information that you feel someone learning about your religion should know?







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